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Probate Bankruptcy

Complete legal services for Social Security Disability and your estate

Vohs & Vohs, P.C. of Savannah, MO provides superior representation for your bankruptcy, probate, real estate, estate planning, and farm law needs. We also specialize in Social Security Disability to help you get the capital you're entitled to for the betterment of your health. Call 816-324-7222 today.


We are small-town attorneys who can handle speeding tickets and uncontested divorce cases as well. We have many years of experience in the fields mentioned above.

If you've been turned down for SS Disability, give us a call. From the initial application to representing you at hearings, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

We offer you chapter 7 bankruptcy services and can discuss with you various options when it comes to debt relief. We've been serving you for over 30 years.

Whether it's adoptions, trusts, wills, guardianship, or powers of attorney, we fight for you in court to get you what you deserve. We protect your rights.

Get representation for trusts, wills, Medicaid, beneficiary deeds, and estate planning when you call us. Our family owned and operated firm cares for you.

Social Security Disability

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