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Discover our outstanding SS Disability representation

Vohs & Vohs, P.C. of Savannah, MO fights for your rights to Social Security benefits if you've been injured or have a debilitating illness that prevents you from being able to work. We take your case to court and make the process easy for you to understand. We're a family owned and operated law firm.

We'll tell if you qualify for benefits and how to apply if you've never applied before. If your application is approved, we'll show you what you need to do when you receive benefits. Having an attorney represent you as you apply for disability increases your odds of acceptance. If you've been rejected for benefits, we can file an appeal.

Know about SS Disability benefits

  • Appeals when you're turned down

  • Initial disability application

  • Assistance with Medicaid

  • Representation at hearings

We handle the procedure for SS Disability for you

You always speak to an attorney every time when you contact us. You deal with us directly not with paralegals.

If you've been turned down for Social Security Disability, call us at:


Social Security Disability Benefits